Urban History Review

Volume 11, Number 3, February 1983

Table of contents (20 articles)

  • The Business Élite and Municipal Politics in Vancouver 1886-1914
  • L’Archivistique et la gestion des documents dans les municipalités du Québec
  • Le Carnaval d’hiver de Montréal, 1803-1889
  • Canada's Urban History in Architecture, Part Two
  • Financing the Expansion of Cities, 1860-1914
  • Research Notes / Note de recherche

    1. Architectural Drawings: Sources for Urban History
  • Contributors / Collaborateurs
  • Notes and Comments: Institute of Urban Studies, University of Winnipeg; Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada/La Société pour l’étude de l’architecture au Canada; Biographical Dictionary of Architects in Canada, 1800-1950: A progress report; Parks Canada Research Reports; Hamilton: An Illustrated History; Conference Report, Fourth International Conference on Urban Design; Québec fête : à la découverte de la vieille capitale
  • Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

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  • Thesis Abstracts / Richard Harris. "Class Struggle in the Domain of Social Production: The Political Significance of Residential Segregation in Kingston, 1961-1976." Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Geography, Queen's University, Kingston, 1981 / Sarah L. Weaver. "Implementation and Monitoring in Planning: The Experience of the Edmonton General Municipal Plan." M.A. Thesis, Department of Geography, University of Alberta, 1981 / Anne D.B. Dhanani. "Water Quality and Recreational Use of the River Valleys in Calgary." M.Sc. Thesis, Department of Geography, University of Alberta, 1981 / Jean-Pierre Lebourgeois. "The Effects of the Mill Woods Land Bank on Land and Housing Prices in Edmonton." M.A. Thesis, Department of Geography, University of Alberta, 1981
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