Atlantic Geology

Volume 34, numéro 3, fall 1998

Sommaire (8 articles)

Editor's Note


  1. Dispersion of tailings from the Stirling Zn-Pb-Cu mine site, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
  2. Dispersion of tailings from the Walton Ba-Cu-Pb-Zn mine site, Nova Scotia
  3. Influence of regional geology and hydrogeology on river habitat quality: examples from Mill Brook and Elderkin Brook, Kings County, Nova Scotia
  4. A review of ice and tide observations in the Bay of Fundy
  5. Geophysical methods for detecting shallow sulphide mineralization in the Halifax Formation, Nova Scotia: a reconnaissance study
  6. Changes in lake-sediment stratigraphy associated with late glacial climate change: examples from western Nova Scotia


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