Volume 40, numéro 1, 2016  La santé des Inuit Inuit health Sous la direction de Christopher Fletcher et Mylène Riva

Sommaire (15 articles)

  1. Introduction : la santé des Inuit / Introduction: Inuit health
  2. Collaborating to improve child and youth mental health in Nunavik
  3. Dans le Black Box d’Igloolik : le cirque comme espace thérapeutique pour de jeunes Inuit ?
  4. Going Off, Growing Strong: A program to enhance individual youth and community resilience in the face of change in Nain, Nunatsiavut
  5. Culturally safe communication and the power of language in Arctic nursing
  6. Inuit involvement in developing a participatory action research project on youth, violence prevention, and health promotion
  7. “Our connection makes us stronger”: Inuit youth’s strategies to feel comfortable in Ottawa
  8. Soutenir la sécurité alimentaire dans le Grand Nord : projets communautaires d’agriculture sous serre au Nunavik et au Nunavut

Essai  / Essay

  1. Reflections on the intercultural politics of food, diet, and nutrition research in Canadian Inuit communities

Hors thème  / Off theme

  1. Inuit principals and the changing context of bilingual education in Nunavut

Essai hors thème  / Off theme essay

  1. The enduring afterlife of Before Tomorrow: Inuit survivance and the spectral cinema of Arnait Video Productions

Recensions  / Book reviews

  1. HASTRUP, Kirsten B., 2015 Thule på Tidens Rand, photos by Carsten Egevang, Copenhagen, Lindhardt og Ringhof, 496 pages
  2. WRIGHT, Shelley, 2014 Our Ice is Vanishing / Sikuvut Nunguliqtuq: A History of Inuit, Newcomers, and Climate Change, Montreal and Kingston, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 420 pages

In Memoriam

  1. In Memoriam : Jarich Gerlof Oosten (1945-2016)
  1. Revue des thèses / Survey of dissertations

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