Canadian Journal of Music
Revue canadienne de musique

Volume 37, numéro 1, 2017 Illuminations: Essays in Honour of Brian Cherney Sous la direction de Robin Elliott

Sommaire (16 articles)

  1. Introduction

Personal Views

  1. How I Might Have Become a Composer
  2. Brian Cherney: Collaborator and Composer
  3. Brian Cherney in Conversation with Chris Paul Harman: Schulich School of Music, McGill University, 28 October 2017


  1. Brian Cherney as Scholar and Creative Artist
  2. Music as Refuge: Stillness in Brian Cherney’s Mature Piano Works
  3. Ascending Music: Meaning and Expression in the Chamber Music of Brian Cherney

Insights into Particular Works

  1. Commissioning Brian Cherney’s String Trio
  2. Brian Cherney’s String Trio: Transcendent Pedagogy and the Spiritualization of Technique
  3. Experiencing Time in Brian Cherney’s String Quartet No. 4 (1994)
  4. Brian Cherney’s Illuminations
  5. Leçons de Tenebrae: Brian Cherney, Paul Celan, and a Music of Witness
  6. Texts—Textures—Intertexts: Brian Cherney’s Transfiguration (1990)

Performing Cherney

  1. Performance Practice of Brian Cherney’s Music: Interviews with Marina Thibeault, Julia Den Boer, and Paul Vaillancourt

Book Review / Recension

  1. Errata volume 36, no 2

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