Minorités linguistiques et société
Linguistic Minorities and Society

Numéro 15-16, 2021 Public Policy and Citizen-Based Practices That Support Social and Health Services for Official and Co-Official Language Minority Communities. An International Perspective: What Has Really Been Achieved and Where Are the Gaps? Politiques publiques et pratiques citoyennes soutenant les services sociaux et de santé pour les communautés minoritaires de langues officielles et coofficielles. Une perspective internationale : ce qui a été accompli et ce qui reste à faire Sous la direction de Louise Bouchard Sous la direction de Fredrica Nyqvist, Isidor Marí Mayans, Solange van Kemenade et Alexander R. Maisonneuve

Sommaire (12 articles)

  1. A Word From the Managing Editor / Mot du directeur

Introduction / Présentation


  1. Being Small and Outnumbered: Service and Sociocultural Exclusion Among Older Linguistic Minorities in Finland
  2. Welfare Services from a Minority Perspective. Explaining Satisfaction with Language-Based Welfare Services among Swedish-Speaking Finns
  3. Rhetoric and Reality: A Critical Review of Language Policy and Legislation Governing Official Minority Language Use in Health and Social Care in Wales
  4. Bilingualism in the Health System: the Catalan Case
  5. The Debate on Staff Language Competences and the Use of Official Languages in the Balearic Islands Health System
  6. Approach to the Status and Management of Languages in the Catalan Public Health Care System
  7. The Basque Paradigm Shift: From Legislative Language Policies to Person-Centred Care
  8. Strategies to Improve French Language Health and Social Service Continuity for Seniors in Ontario and Manitoba
  9. Improving Access to Health Services in French: The Power of Networking and Knowledge Mobilization, a Proven Canadian Model
  10. Quebec’s English-Speaking Community and the Partnership Approach of Its Networks in Health

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