McGill Journal of Education

Volume 43, numéro 3, automne 2008

Sommaire (11 articles)

Editorial / Éditorial

  1. Ways of Knowing

Articles / Les articles

  1. Educational Resistance in a Runaway World: Poetic meditations on power and surveillance
  2. L’accompagnement parental dans l’apprentissage en lecture des élèves canadiens
  3. Complexity Theory 101 for Educators: A fictional account of a graduate seminar
  4. Knowledge Translation of Interprofessional Collaborative Patient-Centred Practice: The Working Together Project Experience
  5. Transition professionnelle vers l’enseignement: conceptions et perspectives du soi
  6. What is the Meaning of the Integration of the Cultural Dimension into Schools, According to the Official Discourse of the Province of Quebec?
  7. Quelles pratiques privilégier dans les classes à années multiples?

Book Reviews / Critiques de livres


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