McGill Journal of Education
Revue des sciences de l'éducation de McGill

Volume 51, numéro 3, fall 2016

Sommaire (19 articles)

  1. Editorial: What is Learning in a Professional Teacher Education Program? / Éditorial : qu’est-ce que l’apprentissage dans un programme de formation professionnelle destiné aux enseignants ?

Articles / Les articles

  1. Learning to Teach, Imaginatively: Supporting the Development of New Teachers Through Cognitive Tools
  2. Finding the Connective Tissue in Teacher Education: Creating New Spaces for Professional Learning to Teach
  3. The Potential of Familial and School Curriculum-Making Worlds in Teacher Education
  4. Progressive Pedagogies and Teacher Education: A Review of the Literature
  5. Toward Self-Authoring a Civic Teacher Identity: Service-Learning in Teacher Education
  6. Fostering Classroom Communities through Circling With Teacher Candidates
  7. Schools as Artifacts: Critical Autoethnography and Teacher Renewal
  8. Toward a Sustainable Sense of Self in Teaching and Teacher Education: Sustainable Happiness and Well-Being Through Mindfulness
  9. A/r/tography and Teacher Education in the 21st Century

Notes from the Field / Notes du terrain

  1. Delving into Inquiry Learning in Teacher Education at the University of British Columbia
  2. The Best of Both Worlds: A Proposal for Hybrid Teacher Education
  3. Looking Inward to 21st Century Pedagogy

Book Reviews / Critiques de livres

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