Volume 91, 2010–2011

Sommaire (6 articles)

  1. Note du rédacteur en chef / Editor’s Note

Articles de recherche / Research Articles

Article scientifique / Scientific Article

  1. Pathogenicity of Pythium species causing seed rot and damping-off in soybean under controlled conditions

Communications brèves / Short Communications

  1. Stork’s bill (Erodium cicutarium (L.) L’Her. ex Ait) and hemp-nettle (Galeopsis tetrahit L.): a cautionary note for eastern Canada field crops
  2. The use of test tube plantlets for the assessment of Potato virus Y transmission by Myzus persicae and Aphis glycines
  3. Pathogenicity tests of Gremmeniella abietina var. balsamea isolated from balsam fir in Canada
  1. Liste des arbitres 2007-2009 / List of Reviewers 2007-2009

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