Relations industrielles

Volume 54, numéro 3, 1999

Sommaire (18 articles)

Symposium sur la formation professionnelle  / Symposium on Occupational Training

  1. Articulation institutionnelle et orientations du système de formation professionnelle au Québec
  2. La fonction formation et développement de la main-d'oeuvre et l'innovation diffuse : quelques pistes de réflexion et d'action
  3. Vers une formation «continue» de la main-d'oeuvre au Québec ?

Autres articles / Other Articles

  1. Implications of Small Bargaining Units and Enterprise Unions on Bargaining Disputes: A Look into the Future?
  2. Grievance Resolution: Perceived Goal Interdependence and Interaction Patterns
  3. From Job-Based Pay to Skill-Based Pay in Unionized Establishments: A Three-Plant Comparative Analysis
  4. The Production of Flexible Attitudes in the Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry
  1. Resúmenes

Recensions  / Book Reviews

  1. Towers, Brian, The Representation Gap: Change and Reform in the British and American Workplace
  2. Van den Berg, Axel, Bengt Furåker and Leif Johansson, Labour Market Regimes and Patterns of Flexibility: A Sweden-Canada Comparison
  3. Bamber, Greg and Russell D. Lansbury (editors), International and Comparative Employment Relations
  4. Dubé, Annette et Daniel Mercure, Les entreprises et l'emploi : les nouvelles formes de qualification du travail
  5. Vannoy, Dana and Paula J. Dubeck (editors), Challenges for Work and Family in the Twenty-First Century
  6. Rupp, Kalman and David C. Stapleton (editors), Growth in Disability Benefits: Explanations and Policy Implications
  7. Sayer, Jacques, Fonction formation
  8. Auclair, Jean, Pierre Auger et Raymond Boisvert, Le guide Québec inc. 1997. Profil des 500 plus grandes entreprises au Québec
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