Les Cahiers des Dix

Managing editor(s): Christian Blais, Jocelyne Mathieu / Editor(s): Lucie Robert



Every year, the journal Les Cahiers des Dix presents ten or so previously unpublished articles on the history of Québec and French North America. These articles are the work of ten seasoned researchers who form the Société des Dix. In their articles, the researchers address various subjects in the fields of economic, social and cultural history from the sixteenth century to modern times. This interdisciplinary publication is meant for researchers and students as well as for scholars and the general public.

The journal Les Cahiers des Dix was founded in 1936 by a group of ten scholars. Membership in the group has been renewed over time. This patrimonial collection that contains 600 articles and over 15,000 pages of text has become a major benchmark for the history of French North America.


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