Canadian Medical Education Journal
Revue canadienne de l'éducation médicale

Volume 12, Number 1, 2021

Table of contents (32 articles)


Major Contributions

  1. Improving the LGBTQ2S+ cultural competency of healthcare trainees: advancing health professional education
  2. Patients’ perspectives on the extent of resident participation in the operating room for total hip or knee arthroplasty
  3. Feedback on feedback: a two-way street between residents and preceptors
  4. Impact of an urban regional medical campus: perceptions of community stakeholders

Brief Reports

  1. Investigating the importance of clinical topics for developing a curriculum on gastroenterology for pediatric residents
  2. Bridging the gap: improving CASPer test confidence and competency for underrepresented minorities in medicine through interactive peer-assisted learning
  3. The perceived contributions of non-physician team members to residents’ interprofessional education during a critical care rotation

Black Ice

  1. Seven tips for clinical supervision in the time of COVID 19
  2. Seven ways to get a grip on facilitating bedside team rounding


  1. Journey into the unknown: considering the international medical graduate perspective on the road to Canadian residency during the COVID-19 pandemic

You Should Try This

  1. Inside the skin of a patient with diabetes: fostering cognitive empathy through insulin pump simulation
  2. Teaching mindfulness-based stress management techniques to medical learners through simulation
  3. Engaging medical trainees in resource stewardship through resident-led teaching sessions: a choosing wisely educational initiative

Commentary and Opinions

Letters to the Editor / Lettre à l’éditeur

Book Reviews

  1. Book Review: Mindful Medical Practitioners: A Guide for Clinicians and Educators



  1. Exploring the perceived educational impact of COVID-19 on postgraduate training in oncology: impact of self-determination and resilience
  2. Residents’ burnout in COVID 19 pandemic environment
  3. Personal protective equipment coaching in the pediatric and adult emergency departments: a pilot project for health sciences students during COVID-19
  4. A critical discourse analysis of face masks and its association with health construction in medical education
  5. Early adaptation of urology residency programs during COVID-19 clinical and gathering restrictions
  6. The COVID-19 pandemic and undergraduate medical student teaching-learning and assessment



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