Canadian Medical Education Journal
Revue canadienne de l'éducation médicale

Volume 12, Number 3, 2021

Table of contents (30 articles)

Editorial / Éditorial

  1. Writing, reading, and critiquing reviews

Major Contributions / Contributions importantes

  1. A chance for reform: The environmental impact of travel for general surgery residency interviews
  2. Understanding community family medicine preceptors’ involvement in educational scholarship: perceptions, influencing factors and promising areas for action
  3. Exploring the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on medical education: an international cross-sectional study of medical learners
  4. The impact of local health professions education grants: is it worth the investment?
  5. Exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on medical learner wellness: a needs assessment for the development of learner wellness interventions
  6. Program directors’ reflections on national policy change in medical education: insights on decision-making, accreditation, and the CanMEDS framework
  7. Experiential learning, collaboration and reflection: key ingredients in longitudinal faculty development

Brief Reports / Communications brèves

  1. The effect of COVID-19 on medical students’ education and wellbeing: a cross-sectional survey
  2. Do PGY-1 residents in Emergency Medicine have enough experiences in resuscitations and other clinical procedures to meet the requirements of a Competence by Design curriculum?
  3. Rehearsal simulation for antenatal consults

Review Papers and Meta-Analyses / Articles de synthèse et Méta-analyses

  1. Peer support programs in the fields of medicine and nursing: a systematic search and narrative review
  2. Towards competency-based medical education in addictions psychiatry: a systematic review

Black Ice / Terrain glissant

  1. Six ways to get a grip on leveraging the expertise of Instructional Design and Technology professionals
  2. Seven ways to get a grip on running a successful promotions process
  3. Six ways to get a grip on your first health education leadership role

Canadiana / Canadiana

  1. Re-examining the value proposition for Competency-Based Medical Education

You Should Try This / Essayez ceci

  1. Interprofessional culinary education workshops at the University of Saskatchewan
  2. Physiotherapist-led musculoskeletal education: an innovative approach to teach medical students musculoskeletal assessment techniques
  3. Adapting clinical skills volunteer patient recruitment and retention during COVID-19
  4. Quick Response codes for virtual learner evaluation of teaching and attendance monitoring
  5. Creation and implementation of the Ottawa Handbook of Emergency Medicine
  6. Instagram as a virtual art display for medical students

Commentary and Opinions / Commentaires et Opinions

  1. The alarming situation of medical student mental health
  2. In the shadows: medical student clinical observerships and career exploration in the face of COVID-19

Letters to the Editor / Lettre à l’éditeur

Images / Images

  1. Connections


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