Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies
Revue d’études interculturelles de l’image

Volume 12, Number 2, 2021 Massive/Micro Sensemaking: Towards Post-pandemic Futures Guest-edited by Mary Elizabeth Luka, Annette N Markham and Dan Harris

In what ways have forms for engendering the interconnection and materiality required for creative production changed in the time of COVID-19? How and why have our notions of imagining and visualizing cross-cultural production and its modes of research, analysis, and representation shifted? Cultural production responses to the global pandemic and related collective social actions have exploded, alongside reinforcement of entrenched systemic racism and other forms of discrimination and imbalance. In this special issue, authors weave together dialogues, methodological approaches, and materialities to reflect on shared critical autoethnographic practices during and after an international Massive Micro Sensemaking experiment involving 165 people.

Table of contents (17 articles)


  1. Massive/Micro Sensemaking: Towards Post-Pandemic Futures
  2. A Patchworking Process: Coming Together under Pandemic Conditions for Collaborative, Caring Scholarship


  1. Interlude I
  2. Walking, Staying In, and Making Sense: Quilting with Pandemic Matter
  3. Rendering Self and Microagressions Visible Through the Shadow Image
  4. Making Sense of Noise – A Symphony for Voices
  5. Resilience in Pandemic Sensemaking: Thinking Through a Community of Practice
  6. Interlude II
  7. (Imagining) Science for Troubled Times: A Mouse, a Bird, and a Threshold for Collaboration
  8. The Notifiction: How Push Notifications from Neighbourhood Surveillance Apps Can Create an Alternative Narrative of Place
  9. ‘Selfies’ Under Quarantine: Exploring Networked Emotions in the Time of ‘Social Distancing’
  10. Making Sense of What We Can’t See: A Visual Retrospective of COVID-19
  11. Interlude III
  12. Un/thinking with Thread/s: Needling Through Boundaries Related to COVID-19 and Medical Training
  13. Listening to and Living With Networked Media During a Pandemic
  14. Skipping on the Grains of Multiverses Towards a Portal: World-Building Experience

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