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Journal des traducteurs
Translators' Journal

Volume 54, Number 1, janvier 2009

Table of contents (17 articles)

  1. Éditorial
  2. Présentation
  3. « Et pour les Flamands, la même chose » : quelle politique de traduction pour quelles minorités linguistiques ?
  4. Proust as Translator of Ruskin
  5. Analysing Irony for Translation
  6. Naturalness in the Spanish Dubbing Language: a Case of Not-so-close Friends
  7. Translating Epistemic Adverbs from English into Spanish: Evidence from a Parallel Corpus
  8. “Filantropia” or “Non Profit”? Translating Texts on Nonprofits from English into Italian
  9. The Unit of Translation: Statistics Speak
  10. Semantic Orientation, Syntactic Position and Pragmatic Function of Modifier in Chinese-English Translation

Terminologie et linguistique

  1. A Corpus-based Study of Spanish Translations of the Verb ‘report’ in Biomedical Research Articles


Études et prospectives

  1. Constructing a Large-Scale English-Persian Parallel Corpus

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