Volume 90, Number 1, avril 2009

Table of contents (7 articles)

  1. Note du rédacteur en chef

Nouvelles avancées / Research Breakthroughs

Sujets spéciaux / Minisynthèse / Special Topics / Minireview

  1. La malherbologie au coeur des enjeux du XXIe siècle

Articles de recherche / Articles scientifiques / Research Articles / Scientific Articles

  1. Seasonal variation in Blueberry scorch virus concentration in highbush blueberry and implications for disease monitoring and management
  2. Efficacy of fungicide mixtures for the management of Phytophthora infestans (US-1) on potato

Communication brève / Short Communication

  1. Fumonisin B1 and zearalenone contamination of wheat in Croatia and influence of fungicide treatments
  2. Toxicity effects of an insecticidal soap on the green peach aphid [Homoptera: Aphididae]

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