Renaissance and Reformation
Renaissance et Réforme

Volume 44, Number 3, Summer 2021 Digital Approaches to John Milton Approches numériques de l’oeuvre de John Milton Guest-edited by Richard Cunningham and Harvey Quamen

Table of contents (50 articles)


  1. Digital Approaches to John Milton
  2. Fieldwork in the Sonnet: Milton, Donne, and Critical Orthodoxy
  3. A Comparator for the First and Second Editions of John Milton’s Paradise Lost
  4. John Milton’s Network and the Republic of Letters
  5. Stylometry without Words: Analyzing John Milton’s Grammatical Style
  6. De Doctrina Christiana and Milton’s Canonical Works: Revisiting the Authorship Question

Digital Resource Reviews / Comptes-rendus sur les ressources numériques

  1. Introduction: Special Issue, Spatial Humanities
  2. Ó Siochrú, Mícheál, principal investigator. The Down Survey of Ireland Project. Other
  3. Chinese Collections Digitization Project, Digital Bodleian, project creator. Selden Map of China. MS.Selden supra 105. Other
  4. Nevola, Fabrizio, David Rosenthal, Sharon Strocchia, Nicholas Terpstra, Colin Rose, Julia Rombough, Daniel Jamison, and François Penz, project creators. Hidden Florence. Other
  5. Terpstra, Nicholas, and Colin Rose, principal investigators. Digitally Encoded Census Information & Mapping Archive (DECIMA). Other
  6. Prickman, Greg, Andrew Holland, and Robert Shepard, project team. The Atlas of Early Printing. Other
  7. Murrieta-Flores, Patricia, principal investigator. Digging into Early Colonial Mexico: A Large-Scale Computational Analysis of Historical Sources from the Sixteenth Century. Other
  8. Jenstad, Janelle, project dir. Map of Early Modern London. Other
  9. Horodowich, Elizabeth, and Alexandre Nagel, project creators. Amerasia: An Inquiry into Early Modern Imaginative Geography. Other
  10. Muri, Alison, dir. The Grub Street Project. Other
  11. Barker, Elton, Leif Isaksen, Rebecca Kahn, Rainer Simon, Valeria Vitale, and the Pelagios Network, project creators. Recogito: Semantic Annotation without the Pointy Brackets. Other

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

  1. Acciarino, Damiano, ed. Paradigms of Renaissance Grotesques
  2. Alexander, Gavin, Emma Gilby, and Alexander Marr, eds. The Places of Early Modern Criticism
  3. Badea, Andreea, Bruno Boute, Marco Cavarzere, and Steven Vanden Broecke, eds. Making Truth in Early Modern Catholicism
  4. Bernard-Pradelle, Laurence, Christine de Buzon, Jean-Eudes Girot et Raphaële Mouren, éds. Marc Antoine Muret, un humaniste français en Italie
  5. Bertolio, Johnny L. Il trattato “De interpretatione recta” di Leonardo Bruni
  6. Christiansen, Keith, and Carlo Falciani, eds. The Medici: Portraits and Politics 1512–1570
  7. Cleland, Katharine. Irregular Unions: Clandestine Marriage in Early Modern English Literature
  8. D’Arista, Carla. The Pucci of Florence: Patronage and Politics in Renaissance Italy
  9. Desan, Philippe et Véronique Ferrer, éds. Penser et agir à la Renaissance. Thought and Action in the Renaissance
  10. Dunn-Lardeau, Brenda, éd. Catalogue raisonné des livres d’Heures conservés au Québec
  11. Fiorani, Francesca. The Shadow Drawing: How Science Taught Leonardo How to Paint
  12. Foister, Susan, and Peter van den Brink. Dürer’s Journeys: Travels of a Renaissance Artist
  13. Francesconi, Federica. Invisible Enlighteners: The Jewish Merchants of Modena, from the Renaissance to the Emancipation
  14. Geng, Penelope. Communal Justice in Shakespeare’s England: Drama, Law, and Emotion
  15. Hall, David D. The Puritans: A Transatlantic History
  16. Hohti Erichsen, Paula. Artisans, Objects, and Everyday Life in Renaissance Italy: The Material Culture of the Middling Class
  17. Holtz, Grégoire. Paganisme et humanisme. La Renaissance française au miroir de la Vie d’Apollonius de Tyane
  18. Klaassen, Frank, and Sharon Hubbs Wright, ed. and trans. The Magic of Rogues: Necromancers in Early Tudor England
  19. Knecht, Ross. The Grammar Rules of Affection: Passion and Pedagogy in Sidney, Shakespeare, and Jonson
  20. Lagioia, Vincenzo, Maria Pia Paoli, and Rossella Rinaldi, eds. La fama delle donne. Pratiche femminili e società tra Medioevo ed Età Moderna
  21. Mackay, Christopher S. “An Unusual Inquisition”: Translated Documents from Heinricus Institoris’s Witch Hunts of Ravensburg and Innsbruck
  22. Marinella, Lucrezia. Love Enamored and Driven Mad. Ed. and trans. Janet E. Gomez and Maria Galli Stampino
  23. Maupas, Charles. Grammaire et syntaxe françoise. Ed. Nathalie Fournier
  24. Miani, Valeria. Amorous Hope, A Pastoral Play: A Bilingual Edition. Ed. and trans. Alexandra Coller
  25. Nagel, Alexander, and Giancarla Periti, eds. Ravenna in the Imagination of Renaissance Art
  26. Rothman, E. Natalie. The Dragoman Renaissance: Diplomatic Interpreters and the Routes of Orientalism
  27. Rubin, Miri. Cities of Strangers: Making Lives in Medieval Europe
  28. Schmitt, Natalie Crohn. Performing Commedia dell’Arte, 1570–1630
  29. Scott, Amanda L. The Basque Seroras: Local Religion, Gender, and Power in Northern Iberia, 1550–1800
  30. Skelton, Kimberley, ed. Early Modern Spaces in Motion: Design, Experience and Rhetoric
  31. Suthor, Nicola. Bravura: Virtuosity and Ambition in Early Modern European Painting
  32. Vessey, Mark, ed. Erasmus on Literature: His Ratio or “System” of 1518/1519. Translated with commentary by Robert D. Sider. Foreword by Anthony Grafton


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