Traduction, terminologie, re?daction

Volume 18, Number 2, 2e semestre 2005 Traduction engagée Translation and Social Activism Guest-edited by Sherry Simon

Table of contents (15 articles)

  • Presentation
  • Activist Translation in an Era of Fictional Law
  • La traduction citoyenne n’est pas une métaphore
  • L’étranger prisonnier : écueils d’une traduction passive en situation (post) coloniale
  • Missionary Position: The Irony of Translational Activism in Colonial Orissa
  • Traduire pour l’Afrique. Une approche géo-traducto-logique
  • Why Do They Do It?–A Brief Inquiry into the Real Motives of Some of the Participants in the Recording, Transcribing, Translating, Editing, and Publishing of Aboriginal Oral Narrative
  • Between French and English, Between Ethnography and Assimilation: Strategies for Translating Moncton’s Acadian Vernacular
  • The (Globalized) Three Amigos: Translating and Disseminating HIV/AIDS Prevention Discourse
  • L’interprétation communautaire : un modèle de communication « trialogique »
  • Healthcare Interpreting and Informed Consent: What is the Interpreter’s Role in Treatment Decision-Making?
  • Comptes rendus

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