Atlantic Geoscience
Journal of the Atlantic Geoscience Society

Volume 58, 2022

Sommaire (15 articles)


  1. Further evidence for the East Coast fault system and faults associated with the Summerville restraining bend and their possible relationship to the 1886 Charleston, South Carolina, earthquake, USA
  2. The ‘lost’ islands of Cardigan Bay, Wales, UK: insights into the post-glacial evolution of some Celtic coasts of northwest Europe
  3. Note on the discovery of Carboniferous amber associated with the seed fern Linopteris obliqua, Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia, Canada
  4. Revised stratigraphy in the eastern Meguma terrane, Nova Scotia, Canada, and variations in whole-rock chemical and Sm–Nd isotopic compositions of the Goldenville and Halifax groups
  5. A Batrachichnus salamandroides trackway from the Minto Formation of central New Brunswick, Canada: Implications for alternative tracemaker interpretations


Special Series: Circum-Arctic Palynological Event Stratigraphy

  1. Jurassic palynoevents in the circum-Arctic region
  2. Devonian palynoevents in the circum-Arctic region

Special Series: Developments in mineral resources research in the northern Appalachians

  1. Potential for critical mineral deposits in Maine, USA
  2. U–Pb geochronology of Late Silurian (Wenlock to Pridoli) volcanic and sedimentary rocks, central Newfoundland Appalachians: Targeting the timing of transient extension as a prelude to Devonian orogenic gold mineralization
  3. Overview of age constraints for gold mineralization in central and western Newfoundland and new 40Ar/39Ar ages for muscovite from selected auriferous zones


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