Volume 3, numéro 2, 2012 Foodways in Transition: Reasons for and Signs of Change Alimentation à l’épreuve du temps: les facteurs et signes de changement

Sommaire (17 articles)

  1. Introduction


  1. Kitchen Sinks Have a History
  2. Neige et Citrouille: Marché Atwater and Seasonality
  3. The Myth of Québec Traditional Cuisine at Au Pied de Cochon
  4. Servants, Housewives, Vixens, and the Ever-changing Apron


  1. Pelau


  1. Anaphylaxis
  2. Paper Ladder


  1. Local Food Policy in Canada and the Next 20 Years of the Toronto Food Policy Council: An Interview with Lauren Baker
  2. Nova Scotia Wines: An Interview with Pete Luckett

Petites Madeleines

  1. Salt Hake, Tea, and Preserves: Prince Edward Island in 1980
  2. Capocollo and Homemade Wine


  1. Pizza Pans

Museum Review

  1. Eat Drink Man Woman, Art Gallery of Mississauga, November 10–December 22, 2011, Curated by Tara Marshall

Book Reviews

  1. The Edible City: Toronto’s Food from Farm to Fork, Edited by Christina Palassio and Alana Wilcox, Coach House Books, 2009, 36 pages
  2. No Sweeter Fat, Nancy Pagh, Autumn House Press, 2007, 90 pages
  1. Books Received