Volume 30, numéro 1, 2006 Problématiques des sexes Gender issues Sous la direction de Joanna Kafarlowski

Sommaire (22 articles)

  1. Introduction: Problématiques des sexes
  2. Everyone goes fishing: Understanding procurement for men, women and children in an arctic community
  3. Gendered dimensions of environmental health, contaminants and global change in Nunavik, Canada
  4. Inuit gender parity and why it was not accepted in the Nunavut legislature
  5. Shifting gender regimes: The complexities of domestic violence among Canada's Inuit
  6. The gender of the bear

Notes de recherche / Short papers

  1. Postsecondary education gender disparities among Inuit in Alaska: A symptom of male malaise?
  2. Men's and women's spheres among couples from Maniitsoq (Greenland)

Hors thème / Off theme

  1. The participial oblique, a verb mood found only in Nunivak Central Alaskan Yup'ik and in Siberian Yupik

Note de recherche hors thème / Short paper off theme

  1. Sémantique des affixes incorporants en langue inuit (Groenland oriental)

Recensions / Book Reviews

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  1. Revue des revues

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