Volume 37, numéro 1, 2013

Sommaire (14 articles)

  1. Introduction: reconstructions du passé inuit / Introduction: Reconstructions of the Inuit past
  2. Building from the ground up: Reconstructing visions of community in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut
  3. Demographic adversities and Indigenous resilience in Western Alaska
  4. Les rôles contemporains de la culture matérielle inuit ancienne

Essai / Essay

  1. Archaeology and the Sugpiaq renaissance on Kodiak Island: Three stories from Alaska

Notes de recherche / Research notes

  1. The origin of William Richardson’s 1771 description of a Labrador Inuit snow house
  2. Revisiting an Early Thule Inuit occupation of Skraeling Island, Canadian High Arctic

Hors thème / Off-theme

  1. Jørgen Meldgaard’s film works and books on art from the Arctic
  2. Inuit knowledge and use of wood resources on the west coast of Nunavik, Canada

Essai / Essay

  1. Housing issues in Nuuk (Greenland) and how to get students involved


  1. Thèses

Anciens numéros de Études/Inuit/Studies