Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 4, numéro 1, 1993

Sommaire (16 articles)

Ottawa 1993

  1. Presidential Address: Whatever happened to the British Empire?
  2. The Reconstruction of Rural Society in the Aftermath of the Mayan Rebellion of 1847
  3. Fair Wind: Medicine and Consolation on the Berens River
  4. Science and Sentiment: Social Service and Gender at the University of Toronto, 1888-1910
  5. Artisans in a Merchant Town: St.John’s, Newfoundland, 1775-1816
  6. Paradise Postponed: A Re-examination of the Green Book Proposals of 1945
  7. I, Elena de la Cruz: Heresy and Gender in Mexico City, 1568
  8. Rurality, Ethnicity, and Gender Patterns of Cultural Continuity during the “Great Disjuncture” in the R.M. of Hanover, 1945-1961
  9. Un espace de vie : les charniers du cimetière des SS. Innocents à Paris, sous l’Ancien Régime
  10. Ontario Retailers in the Early Twentieth Century: Dismantling the Social Bridge
  11. Women Policing Women: A Patrol Woman in Montreal in the 1910s
  12. Pigott’s Private Eye: Radicalism and Sexual Scandal in Eighteenth-Century England
  13. L’arme favorite de l’épicier indépendant : éléments d’une histoire sociale du crédit (Montréal, 1920-1940)
  14. Italian Immigrants and Working-Class Movements in the United States: A Personal Reflection on Class and Ethnicity
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