Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 18, numéro 1, 2007

Sommaire (10 articles)

Saskatoon 2007

  1. 2007 Presidential Address of the CHA: Public History and its Discontents or History in the Age of Wikipedia
  2. 2007 Discours de la présidente de la S.H.C. L’histoire publique et le mécontentement qu’elle suscite ou L’histoire à l’ère de Wikipedia
  3. “Anyone not on the list might as well be dead”: Aboriginal Peoples and the Censuses of Canada, 1851–1916
  4. A Larger Frame: “Redressing” the Image of Doukhobor-Canadian Women in the Twentieth Century
  5. Riding into Place: Contact Zones, Rodeo, and Hybridity in the Canadian West 1900–1970
  6. “Your brain is no longer your own!”: Mass Media, Secular Religion, and Cultural Crisis in Third Republic France
  7. Suez and After: Canada and British Policy in the Middle East, 1956–1960
  8. The Pro-Soviet Message in Words and Images: Dyson Carter and Canadian “Friends” of the USSR
  9. Intergovernmental Relations Trumps Social Policy Change: Trudeau, Constitutionalism, and Family Allowances
  10. “Stop Postponing Your Life Until You Lose Weight and Start Living Now”: Vancouver’s Large as Life Action Group, 1979–1985

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