Canadian Medical Education Journal
Revue canadienne de l'éducation médicale

Volume 13, Number 6, 2022

Table of contents (19 articles)

Editorial / Éditorial

Original Research / Recherche originale

  1. Evolving discourses of COVID-19 and implications for medical education: A critical discourse analysis
  2. Validity evidence for the Quality of Assessment for Learning score: A quality metric for supervisor comments in Competency Based Medical Education
  3. Assessment of laparoscopic skills: Comparing the reliability of global rating and entrustability tools

Reviews, Theoretical Papers, and Meta-Analyses / Articles de synthèse et Méta-analyses

  1. When patients teach students empathy: A systematic review of interventions for promoting medical student empathy

Brief Reports / Communications brèves

  1. Exploring resident perspectives on family medicine enhanced skills training
  2. The value of admissions characteristics for predicting the practice location of University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine graduates
  3. Understanding the near-peer relationship: Resident perspectives around a novel on-call workplace-based assessment

Black Ice / Terrain glissant

  1. Five ways to get a grip on organizational logistics, backends, and workflows

You Should Try This / Essayez ceci

  1. Patient safety incident analysis in healthcare: A novel curricular session for medical students
  2. Supporting the transition to senior pediatric resident: An interactive online resource

Canadiana / Canadiana

  1. An approach to implementing planetary health teaching in medical curricula

Commentary and Opinions / Commentaires et Opinions

  1. Caught and taught: A call to improve digital professionalism among medical students
  2. Going virtual advances justice in expected and unexpected ways
  3. Banning conversion “therapy” in Canada: The expanding role of forensic psychiatry in advocacy training

Works-in-Progress / Travaux en cours


Images / Images


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