Canadian University Music Review

Volume 21, Number 2, 2001

Table of contents (14 articles)

Colloquy  / Débat

  1. An Interview with Rob Walser in Toronto


  1. Le hasard et la technologie chez John Cage : subsistance de la modernité
  2. Erik Satie's Vexations—An Exercise in Immobility
  3. Hans Rosbaud and the Music of Arnold Schoenberg
  4. La semaine annuelle de musique de Montréal sous les auspices du Delphic Study Club, 1923–1937
  5. The Piano Music of Percy Grainger: A Pianist's Perspective on Pedalling
  6. Visions of the Stars and Earth: The Images of Jean Coulthard

Conference Review  / Compte rendu de congrès

  1. Toronto 2000

Book Reviews  / Recensions

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  1. Contributors / Collaborateurs