Volume 30, Number 2, 2008 Hommage à Peter Narváez In Honour of Peter Narváez Guest-edited by Pauline Greenhill, Diane Tye and Holly Everett

Table of contents (18 articles)


  1. In Honour of Counterhegemony Man
  2. Folklore and Marginality
  3. Protest Song and Verse in Cape Breton Island
  4. “The Best Laid Plans of Marx and Men”: Mitch Podolak, Revolution, and the Winnipeg Folk Festival
  5. Fictional Landscapes And Social Relations In Nineteenth-Century Broadside Ballads
  6. The Fiddle Burning Priest of Mabou
  7. Native Witchcraft Beliefs in Acadian, Maritime and Newfoundland Folklore
  8. Stand-up Comedy as a Genre of Intimacy
  9. Performing Tradition and Ethnicity at the Newfoundland St. Andrew’s Society Burns Supper
  10. Past, Present, and Memory: The Ambivalence of Tradition in the Short Stories of Alistair MacLeod
  11. “Making Cool Things Hot Again”: Blackface and Newfoundland Mummering
  12. Parsing the Popular: A Communicative Action Approach to Folklore

Comptes rendus / Reviews

  1. Back on Track CD Series. Various. It’s Time for Another One: Folk Songs from the South Coast of Newfoundland; Folklore of Newfoundland and Labrador: A Sampler of Songs, Narrations, and Tunes; Saturday Nite Jamboree. By Research Centre for the Study of Music, Media and Place, Memorial University of Newfoundland CDs, 2005, 2006, 2007 (available
  2. Making Music in the Polish Tatras: Tourists, Ethnographers, and Mountain Musicians. By Timothy J. Cooley. (Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 2005. Pp. viii + 293, ISBN 0-253-34489-1)
  3. Tracking Doctor Lonecloud: Showman to Legend Keeper. By Ruth Holmes Whitehead. (Fredericton, NB: Goose Lane Editions & Nova Scotia Museum, 2002. Pp. 183, ISBN 0864923562)
  4. Comment draguer un top-modèle. Représentations corporelles de la réussite en Bulgarie. Par Dessislav Sabev. (Québec, Presses de l’Université Laval, 2008, Pp. 219, ISBN 978-2-7637-8398-7)
  5. Les Autochtones dans le Québec post-confédéral (1867-1960). Par Claude Gélinas. (Sillery, Septentrion, 2007, Pp264, ISBN 2-89448-499-2)
  6. Le Peuple métis de la Boréalie. Évocation des textes fondateurs. Par Russel Bouchard. (Québec, Éditions Cornac, 2008. Pp. 109, ISBN 13 : 978-2-89529-132-9)

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