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Journal of the Canadian Historical Association
Revue de la Société historique du Canada

Volume 2, Number 1, 1991

Table of contents (16 articles)

Kingston 1991

  1. Presidential Address: A View From the Lectern
  2. Merchant Capital, the State, and Labour in a British Colony: Servant-Master Relations and Capital Accumulation in Newfoundland’s Northeast-Coast Fishery, 1775-1799
  3. The Spread of Rural Industry in Lower Canada, 1831-1851
  4. Discipliner les fonctionnaires de l’administration municipale de Montréal dans les premières décennies du XXe siècle : en théorie ... et en pratique
  5. The Seven Oaks Incident and the Construction of a Historical Tradition, 1816 to 1970
  6. Un instrument pour une histoire sociale à double échelle : la base de données relationnelle
  7. Amazons and Victims: Resisting Wife-Abuse in Working-Class Montréal, 1869-1879
  8. The Fall and Rise of Free Entreprise: State Intervention in Canadian Shipbuilding, 1945-1966
  9. The French Revolution: The Origins of a Modern Liberal Political Culture?
  10. The Death of Whiggery: Lower-Canadian British Constitutionalism and the tentation de l’histoire parallèle
  11. The Politics of Food and the Disintegration of the Anglo-Canadian Trade Relationship, 1947-1948
  12. Bluestockings, Feminists, or Women Workers? A Preliminary Look at Women’s Early Employment at the University of Toronto
  13. Building a Living Memory for the History of Our Present: New Perspectives on Archival Appraisal
  14. Memory and Historical Culture in Early Modern England
  1. Unpublished Papers/Communications non imprimées
  2. Our Contributors/Nos auteurs

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