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Journal des traducteurs

Volume 53, Number 3, septembre 2008

Table of contents (22 articles)

  1. Au tour de Babel ! Les défis multiples du multilinguisme
  2. Sticky Captions: Genre-internal Variation in Print-based Ad Translating
  3. Two Different Translations of Tennyson’s The Idylls of the King into Spanish: The Road From a Text-Oriented Model to a Functional Model of Translation
  4. Translating Cultures: A Linguistic Reading of A Dream of Red Mansions
  5. Translating Tenor: With Reference to the English Versions of Hong Lou Meng
  6. The Translator’s New Clothes Translating the Dual Audience in Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”
  7. Remapping Translation Studies: Towards a Translation Studies Ontology
  8. Towards a Whole-Person Translator Education Approach in Translation Teaching on University Degree Programmes
  9. The Translators’ Personae: Marketing Translatorial Images as Pursuit of Capital
  10. Interactive Translation vs. Pre-Translation in TMs: A Pilot Study
  11. New Light Shed on Chinese Word Segmentation in MT by a Language Investigation

Études terminologiques et linguistiques

  1. Les noms composés anglais et français du domaine d’Internet : une radiographie bilingue
  2. Translating Politeness in Bilingual English-Spanish Business Correspondence


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  1. Lost in Translation: Shop Signs in Jordan

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