Volume 63, numéro 1, 2021 The Bureaucratic Practices of Migration Les routes bureaucratiques de la migration Giving Shape to COVID-19 Donner forme à la COVID-19

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Note from the Editors / Notes des rédactrices

Thematic Section: The Bureaucratic Practices of Migration / Section thématique : Les routes bureaucratiques de la migration

  1. Bureaucratic Routes to Migration: Migrants’ Lived Experience of Paperwork, Clerks and Other Immigration Intermediaries / Les routes bureaucratiques de la migration : l’expérience vécue des migrants en matière de paperasserie, commis et autres intermédiaires à l’immigration
  2. Bureaucratic Emotionalities: Managing Files, Forms, and Delays in the Canadian Spousal Reunification Process
  3. Negotiating Legitimacy: Binational Couples in the Face of Immigration Bureaucracy in Belgium and Italy
  4. Moving, Waiting, Racing: The Emotional and Temporal Experience of Policy for Nurses on Temporary Work Permits in Canada
  5. Entrepreneurs de la migration : des stratégies pour contourner les obstacles bureaucratiques
  6. Encounters of Despair: Street-Level Bureaucrat and Migrant Interactions in Sweden and Switzerland

Late-Breaking Thematic Section: Giving Shape to COVID-19 / Appel à propositions de dernière minute : Donner forme à la COVID-19

  1. Collaboration in Virtual Environments: Honouring the Métis Method of Visiting
  2. Staying at Home
  3. Riding the Coronacoaster: Learning, Teaching, and Living at a Health Sciences Campus during the COVID‑19 Pandemic
  4. Wayfaring in Taiwan during COVID‑19: Reflections on Political Ontologies of Disease and Geopolitics
  5. Where the Normal is Crisis: Service Delivery to Underserved Populations during the COVID Pandemic
  6. “No Silver Bullet Solution”: Cruel Optimism and Canada’s COVID‑19 Public Health Messages
  7. Après la pandémie : transformations des villes, du travail et la crise climatique
  8. Giving Everyone a Fish: COVID-19 and the New Politics of Distribution
  9. Doctor Death and Coronavirus: Supplicating Santa Muerte for Holy Healing
  10. Creativity, Sociability, Solidarity: New-Wave Carnival Krewes’ Responses to COVID‑19 in New Orleans
  11. Du quilt aux « masques COVID » : l’exercice d’application des normes AFNOR relève-t-il du bricolage de fortune ou du geste de participation civile ?
  12. Circling COVID: Making in the Time of a Pandemic
  13. What Does a Pandemic Sound Like? The Emergence of COVID Verbal Art
  14. Second Life comme espace de sociabilité pendant la pandémie de COVID-19
  15. Writing against “Mask Culture”: Orientalism and COVID-19 Responses in the West
  16. Queer and COVID‑19 Positive: Contagion, Suspicion, and Stigma

Articles / Articles

  1. Residues of History Affect, and the Resonance of Revolutionary Spirits in Two Cuban Forms of Spiritism
  2. Growing (with) Muskeg: Oil Sands Reclamation and Healing in Northern Alberta

Ideas: Blair Rutherford’s Ground of Politics and Farm Labour in Zimbabwe / Idées : politiques de terrain et travail agricole au Zimbabwe

Film and Exhibit Reviews / Comptes rendus de films et expositions

Book Reviews / Revues de livres

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