Canadian Medical Education Journal
Revue canadienne de l'éducation médicale

Volume 13, numéro 2, 2022

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Editorial / Éditorial

Major Contributions / Contributions importantes

  1. Teaching poverty and health: Importing transformative learning into the structures and paradigms of medical education
  2. Paying the price? Academic work and parenting during COVID-19
  3. Multi-source feedback following simulated resuscitation scenarios: A qualitative study
  4. A co-designed curriculum for cultural safety training of Colombian health professionals: Sequential-consensual qualitative study

Brief Reports / Communications brèves

  1. The effects of COVID-19 on Canadian surgical residents’ education and wellness

Review Papers and Meta-Analyses / Articles de synthèse et Méta-analyses

  1. Attributes of excellent clinician teachers and barriers to recognizing and rewarding clinician teachers’ performances and achievements: A narrative review

Black Ice / Terrain glissant

  1. Eight ways to get a grip on intercoder reliability using qualitative-based measures
  2. Seven ways to get a grip on preparing for and executing an inclusive virtual multiple mini interview
  3. Five ways for facilitators to get a grip on small group learning

Canadiana / Canadiana

  1. Accelerating the implementation of planetary health medical curricula to prepare future physicians to work in a climate crisis

You Should Try This / Essayez ceci

  1. Making connections: Exploring residents' perspectives on a virtual World Café as a novel approach for teaching Indigenous health issues
  2. Gauging reflective practices of paediatric residency candidates through a multiple mini interview station

Commentary and Opinions / Commentaires et Opinions


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