Journal des traducteurs

Volume 47, numéro 4, décembre 2002

Sommaire (14 articles)


  1. Bibliographie
  • Ashen Hearts and Astral Zones: Bashevis Singer in Yiddish and English Preparations
  • Lire et traduire les « silences » du texte : manifestations isotopiques à travers un poème de Rimbaud et ses traductions en anglais
  • Translation Techniques Revisited: A Dynamic and Functionalist Approach
  • Translator Training: What Translation Students Have to Say
  • Interaction Between Language and the Mind Through Translation: A Perspective from Profile/Base Organization
  • Problems of Editing in the Italian Translation of Noam Chomsky’s The New Military Humanism — Lessons from Kosovo: A Case Study
  • Transcending the Discourse of Accuracy in the Teaching of Translation: Theoretical Deliberation and Case Study
  • Does Early Bilingual Acquisition Affect Hemispheric Preferences during Simultaneous Interpretation?
  • Ear Voice Span in English into Korean Simultaneous Interpretation
  • The Native Language Factor in Simultaneous Interpretation in an Arabic/English Context
  • The Status of Translators and Interpreters in Korea
  • Documentation


    1. An Alternative Instructional Model: Teaching Medical Translation Online

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