McGill Journal of Education

Volume 47, numéro 3, fall 2012

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  1. Curriculum Change in Nunavut: Towards Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit
  2. Comparison of the Effects of Reflection and Contemplation Activities on Service-Learners’ Cognitive & Affective Mindfulness
  3. Moving From the Margins: Culturally safe teacher education in remote northwestern British Columbia
  4. Action Research Built on Uncertain Foundations: The internship and action-research in a graduate teaching degree
  5. Developing Communities of Praxis: Bridging the theory practice divide in teacher education
  6. Negotiating Worlds, Words and Identities: Scaffolded literacies for pre-service teachers and children
  7. What Are Schools Looking for in New, Inclusive Teachers?
  8. An Empirical Study of the Career Paths of Senior Educational Administrators in Manitoba, Canada: Implications for career development

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