Volume 36, Number 1, 2012 Les peuples de l’Arctique et le bois Arctic peoples and wood Guest-edited by Claire Alix

Table of contents (17 articles)

  1. Introduction: les peuples de l’Arctique et le bois / Introduction: Arctic peoples and wood
  2. An archaeological reconstruction of Saqqaq bows, darts, harpoons, and lances
  3. Wood use and kayak construction: Material selection from the perspective of carpentry
  4. Economies of driftwood: Fuel harvesting strategies in the Kodiak Archipelago
  5. Using wood on King Island, Alaska
  6. Napâttuit: Wood use by Labrador Inuit and its impact on the forest landscape
  7. The shrubs in the forest: The use of woody species by 18th-century Labrador Inuit

Hors thème  / Off-theme

  1. Open skin boats of the Aleutians, Kodiak Island, and Prince William Sound
  2. Walrus Island – A pivotal place for High Arctic Palaeo-Eskimo societies in Northeast Greenland

Recensions  / Book reviews

  1. Thèses / Dissertations

In Memoriam

Information scientifique  / Scientific information

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