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Journal des traducteurs
Translators’ Journal

Volume 58, Number 2, August 2013

Table of contents (15 articles)

  1. Approche interdisciplinaire de la médiation linguistique à la frontière australe de l’empire colonial espagnol : deux outils méthodologiques
  2. The Translation of Wordplay from the Perspective of Relevance Theory: Translating Sexual Puns in two Shakespearian Tragedies into Galician and Spanish
  3. Migrating Literature: Reading Geling Yan’s The Banquet Bug and its Chinese Translations
  4. Emotional Intelligence and Translation Studies: A New Bridge
  5. Copy Adaptation, or How to Translate a Source Product for a Target Market

Études et prospectives

  1. Translating Genre of News Stories and the Correlated Grammar in Analysing Student Translation Errors
  2. Multilingual Chat through Machine Translation: A Case of English-Russian
  3. Passive Voice and the Language of Translation: A Comparable Corpus-Based Study of Modern Greek Popular Science Articles

Terminologie et linguistique

  1. Étude diachronique et évolution du concept de résonance en physique
  2. Le vocabulaire économique et social : entre termes, formules discursives et noms propres


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