Traduction, terminologie, rédaction

Volume 23, Number 1, 1er semestre 2010 Rencontres est-ouest East-West Encounters Guest-edited by Paul F. Bandia and Georges L. Bastin

Table of contents (12 articles)

  1. Presentation
  2. What’s Up, Tiger Lily? On Woody Allen and the Screen Translator’s Trojan Horse
  3. A Creditable Performance under the Circumstances? Suematsu Kenchô and the Pre-Waley Tale of Genji
  4. Lessons from Chinese History: Translation as a Collaborative and Multi-Stage Process
  5. Les motifs sonores dans la littérature africaine europhone : exemple et jalons théoriques dans une perspective traductive
  6. English against Englishing: The Case of an Early English Translation of an Oriya Novel
  7. Naoki Sakai : penser la traduction entre l’Orient et l’Occident
  8. Translation in Intersystemic Interaction: A Case Study of Eighteenth-Century Russia

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