Canadian Medical Education Journal
Revue canadienne de l'éducation médicale

Volume 13, numéro 3, 2022 Special Issue on Change in Medical Education

Sommaire (24 articles)

Editorial / Éditorial

Original Research / Recherche originale

  1. It’s a ‘two-way street’: resident perspectives of effective coaching relationships in the clinical learning environment
  2. COVID as a catalyst: medical student perspectives on professional identity formation during the COVID-19 pandemic
  3. Validity as a social imperative: users’ and leaders’ perceptions

Brief Reports / Communications brèves

  1. Internal medicine residents’ and program directors’ perception of virtual interviews during COVID-19: a national survey

Black Ice / Terrain glissant

  1. Four ways to get a grip on making robust decisions from workplace-based assessments
  2. Five ways to get a grip on the need to include clinical placements in Indigenous settings

Canadiana / Canadiana

  1. Physical activity RX: development and implementation of physical activity counselling and prescription learning objectives for Canadian medical school curriculum
  2. Providing optimal care for active youth in Canada

You Should Try This / Essayez ceci

  1. Use of wearable point-of-view live streaming technology for virtual physical exam skills training
  2. Longitudinal advocacy training for medical students: a virtual workshop series
  3. “Teddy Bear Hospital Project” school visits improve pre-clerkship students’ comfort explaining medical concepts to children

Commentary and Opinions / Commentaires et Opinions

Letters to the Editor / Lettre à l’éditeur

Images / Images

  1. Fractals

Special Issue on Change in Medical Education

  1. Level of integration in current undergraduate curricula of two private-sector medical colleges in Karachi
  2. Understanding the challenges related to breastfeeding education and barriers to curricular change: a systems perspective for transforming health professions education
  3. The upside of upstream: trainee-initiated change in medical education
  4. Navigating the pandemic with faculty development: unification while working remotely
  5. Teaching and fostering change management in medical education
  6. Barriers or costs? Understanding faculty resistance to instructional changes associated with curricular reform
  7. Unexpected change makers: the need for medical learner education on hospital governance


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