Volume 52, numéro 2, juin 2007

Sommaire (20 articles)

  1. “… and he flew out of the window on a wooden spoon”
  2. The Hare and the Tortoise Down by the King’s Pond: A Tale of Four Translations
  3. Reader Reaction and Workplace Habits in the English Translation of French Proper Names in Canada


  1. Templating as a Strategy for Translating Official Documents from Spanish to English
  1. Oral et illusion d’oral : indices d’oralité dans les sous-titres de dialogues de film
  2. Internationalization vs. Localization: The Translation of Videogame Advertising
  3. Simultaneous Consecutive Interpreting: A New Technique Put to the Test
  4. Betrayal – Vice or Virtue? An Ethical Perspective on Accuracy in Simultaneous Interpreting
  5. SVO Word Order Errors in English-Arabic Translation
  6. Figurative Language in Translation: A Study of J.P. Clark’s The Ozidi Saga

Études terminologiques et linguistiques

  1. Un bestiaire linguistique – ou les animaux dans les images du français et de l’anglais
  2. La terminologie de la texture des aliments


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  1. Abbreviation and Acronymy in English Arabic Translation
  2. Grading Scientific Translation: What’s a New Teacher to Do?