Volume 56, numéro 1, mars 2011

Sommaire (16 articles)

  1. Reconceptualizing Translation – Some Chinese Endeavours
  2. Translating the Watcher’s Voice: Junot Díaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao into Spanish
  3. Translation and the Circulation of Competing Narratives from the Wars in Chechnya: A Case Study from the 2004 Beslan Hostage Disaster
  4. Embedding Anglocentric Perceptions of the World: The Falklands-Malvinas Binomial in the News
  5. La Gaceta de Caracas, traduction et indépendance au xixe siècle
  6. Presencia y utilización de la traducción en la prensa española
  7. The Translator’s Subjectivity and Its Constraints in News Transediting: A Perspective of Reception Aesthetics
  8. English into Korean Simultaneous Interpretation of Academy Awards Ceremony Through Open Captions on TV
  9. Professional Realism in the Legal Translation Classroom: Translation Competence and Translator Competence
  10. El casuismo de la common law y su solución en la práctica de la traducción a un ordenamiento de la civil law

Études et prospectives

  1. Le traducteur professionnel face aux textes techniques et à la recherche documentaire
  2. On Collaboration: Adaptive and Multimodal Translation in Bilingual Inflight Magazines


Comptes rendus

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