Volume 59, numéro 2, août 2014

Sommaire (16 articles)

  1. Éditorial
  2. Evidence of Parallel Processing During Translation
  3. Legal Translation Studies as Interdiscipline: Scope and Evolution
  4. ‘Translation Archaeology’ in Practice: Researching the History of Buddhist Translation in Tibet
  5. Literary Transfer between Peripheral Languages: A Production of Culture Perspective
  6. History and Policy of Translating Poetry: Azerbaijan and Its Neighbors
  7. Translators and Social Context: The Case Study of Slovakia

Études et prospectives

  1. Los nombres propios y su tratamiento en traducción
  2. Taking Control: Language Professionals and Their Perception of Control when Using Language Technologies
  3. Orality Markers in Spanish Native and Dubbed Sitcoms: Pretended Spontaneity and Prefabricated Orality


  1. La relation de hiérarchie « chef » : une approche translingue français-anglais-allemand


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