M/S : médecine sciences

Managing editor(s): Michel Bergeron, Jean-Claude Dufour / Editor(s): Gérard Friedlander, Michel Bouvier


M/S : médecine sciences is the product of a cooperative effort between the governments of France and Quebec following upon a recommendation by the Commission permanente de coopération franco-québécoise.

M/S : médecine sciences contains articles written by internationally renowned physicians and researchers who rigourously lay the foundation for scientific debates. The journal also contains syntheses, editorials, discussion of technical themes and analyses presented within the proper context so that the information provided is as accurate, understandable and objective as possible.

The emphasis is on the human dimension, with analysis of the issues of diagnostic and therapeutic benefits, prevention and ethics as they involve recent advances. In short, M/S : médecine sciences presents a clear, concise panorama of the latest developments in the field of science — news, summaries, data, reference points and perspectives — so that you miss nothing of significance.

The journal is no longer disseminated through the platform. Past issues are available in open access until the year 2006, vo. 22, no. 10.


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