Volume 28, numéro 2, 2004 Espaces-Lieux-Noms Spaces-Places-Names Sous la direction de Ludger Müller-Wille et Linna Weber Müller-Wille

Sommaire (26 articles)

  1. Introduction
  2. Routes, trails and tracks: Trail breaking among the Inuit of Igloolik
  3. Caribou, river and ocean: Harvaqtuurmiut landscape organization and orientation
  4. The Inuit as geographers: The case of Eenoolooapik
  5. Toponymies of lesser-used languages in the North: Issues of socio-linguistic conditions among Inuit and Sámi
  6. Recueillir les toponymes inuit. Pour quoi faire?
  7. La toponymie religieuse et l’appropriation symbolique du territoire par les Inuit du Nunavik et du Nunavut

Hors thème / Off theme

  1. Narwhal hunting by Pond Inlet Inuit: An analysis of foraging mode in the floe-edge environment
  2. How far west into Asia have Eskimo languages been spoken, and which ones?

Note de recherche / Short paper

  1. The work of Knud Rasmussen in the Canadian Arctic as described by RCMP Inspector Stuart Wood


Débat / Debate

Recensions / Book Reviews

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  1. Thèses / Dissertations

In Memoriam

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