Journal des traducteurs

Volume 56, numéro 4, décembre 2011

Sommaire (23 articles)

  • Liste des relecteurs 2011
  • Présentation
  • Translational Justice in a Multilingual World: An Overview of Translational Regimes
  • Translational Shifts of Syntactic and Lexical Markers of Ideology: Reporting the Iraqi Conflict in Polish Reprint Press
  • Whose Face? Us and them in English – Polish Consecutive Interpreting
  • The Making of a “Correct” Translation Showcasing the Official Chinese Discourse of Translation
  • Exploring a New Narratological Paradigm for the Analysis of Narrative Communication in Translated Children’s Literature
  • El papel de la traducción en The Arte of English Poesie (1589)
  • L’exil comme métaphore de la traduction : la pure langue de Walter Benjamin et la langue vive de Carles Riba
  • Translation, Adaptation, Inscription: Displacing God in Austen’s Sense and Sensibility
  • The Epistemological Dilemma of Translating Otherness
  • Translation Practices and the Issue of Directionality in China
  • Dealing with Paratextual Elements in Dubbing: A Pioneering Perspective from Catalonia
  • Études et prospectives

    1. Think-Aloud-Based Translation Process Research: Some Methodological Considerations
    2. Gazing and Typing Activities during Translation: A Comparative Study of Translation Units of Professional and Student Translators
    3. The Status of Professional Business Translators on the Danish Market: A Comparative Study of Company, Agency and Freelance Translators
    4. Applying Corpus Data to Define Needs in Web Localization Training


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