Volume 56, numéro 4, décembre 2011

Sommaire (23 articles)

  1. Liste des relecteurs 2011
  2. Présentation
  3. Translational Justice in a Multilingual World: An Overview of Translational Regimes
  4. Translational Shifts of Syntactic and Lexical Markers of Ideology: Reporting the Iraqi Conflict in Polish Reprint Press
  5. Whose Face? Us and them in English – Polish Consecutive Interpreting
  6. The Making of a “Correct” Translation Showcasing the Official Chinese Discourse of Translation
  7. Exploring a New Narratological Paradigm for the Analysis of Narrative Communication in Translated Children’s Literature
  8. El papel de la traducción en The Arte of English Poesie (1589)
  9. L’exil comme métaphore de la traduction : la pure langue de Walter Benjamin et la langue vive de Carles Riba
  10. Translation, Adaptation, Inscription: Displacing God in Austen’s Sense and Sensibility
  11. The Epistemological Dilemma of Translating Otherness
  12. Translation Practices and the Issue of Directionality in China
  13. Dealing with Paratextual Elements in Dubbing: A Pioneering Perspective from Catalonia

Études et prospectives

  1. Think-Aloud-Based Translation Process Research: Some Methodological Considerations
  2. Gazing and Typing Activities during Translation: A Comparative Study of Translation Units of Professional and Student Translators
  3. The Status of Professional Business Translators on the Danish Market: A Comparative Study of Company, Agency and Freelance Translators
  4. Applying Corpus Data to Define Needs in Web Localization Training


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