Théologiques Revue interdisciplinaire d’études religieuses

Managing editor(s): Géraldine Mossière (Directrice) / Editor(s): Adam Lyons (Rédacteur), Ignace Ndongala Maduku (Rédacteur)

Title followed by RELIER: Revue interdisciplinaire d’études religieuses



Founded in 1993 and headed by an interdisciplinary team, this scientific journal looks at current theological questions in dialogue with the other human sciences. Each issue's theme is examined by writers from different fields reflecting upon a common subject. Théologiques explores the contribution of theological research to the great ethical, social and cultural debates of our day. Open to a diversity of religious and theological traditions and lines of thought, the journal participates in advancing the discourse on God and on believers' experiences. It also studies the ongoing reconstruction of the different fields of knowledge and their impact on the theological process. Most articles are in French; a few appear in English.


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